Where It Pays To Be A Member!


Building 4A:   9:00 - 4:30 (Mon - Fri)
Building 6:     1:30 - 4:30 (Mon - Fri)

Building 7:     10:00 - 4:00 (Mon - Fri)
Building 9:     11:00 - 12:00 (Mon - Fri)

2017 Board


Dana Johnston, Manager

Becky Banks, Assistant Manager

Viola Moore, Sales

Kathy McAlmant , Sales (not pictured)

Lanis Thate-Hembree, Sales (not pictured)

Stephanie Miller, Sales

Deniece Pack, Sales (not pictured)


A Board of Directors governs the club. The Board consists of seven members of the Club elected for two-year terms. In subsequent elections, four and three directors are elected alternatively. The Club maintains three stores at the Wichita site, which are operated by the manager. The manager is an employee of the Employees Club Board. It is the function of the manager to procure benefits and services for the members. A copy of the current bylaws is available online.

Board Members

Heath Koehler, President​​
Greg Harper, Vice-President
​Tawny Hajdu, Secretary
Jeremy Moss, Company Representative
​Courtney Ferguson, Treasurer
Dana Johnston, Manager
Tony Herington
​Teri Robbins
Tammy Warden
Marty Womack

In 1962, Bill Lear moved his manufacturing company to Wichita Kansas. By 1963 the Learjet 23 made its first flight and the ...business aircraft was born. To support the dedicated Learjet family of employees the Learjet Employees Club opened its doors in 1964. The Club continues to promote the social and cultural well being of it's members to this day.


A fun, employee owned activity club and retail store where it "pays to be a member".​

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